Tuesday, May 15, 2012

VIP Magazine Special Edition !

Hello, everyone !

VIP Special Edition will be dedicated to VIPs around the world. It is an occasion for us to share with each other more about us and our love for BIGBANG.

Please participate and invite many of your friends to do the same! 

You can participate individually or together with your friends. The goal is for you to present to us your country and the VIPs who live there.
You can do this in a few ways - you can simply send us the following information as text with photos, or you can send us link to a video you made that rappresent your love for BIGBANG .

Here is the information , we would like you to share with us ( you don't have to answer all the question if you don't want to and you can also add more information if you think it is intesting/important )

1. Describe your country and your city 

- the name of country and your hometown
- few curious facts about your country
- what kind of music is popular in your country ?
- what kind of people are your follow countrymen ?

2. Describe VIPs in your country 

     - do a lot of people like BB in your country ?
    - do you have many VIP friends ?
    - do you have an official fan page or a very popular one ? which one ?
    - do you organize some meetings or events ? Do you make them often ?
    - what is the age group of most of the VIPs in your country ?
    - when did BIGBANG became popular amongst your friends ?
    - do you think the fans of BIGBANG increase or decrease amongst your friends ?
    - do VIPs in your country stick to each other ?
    - is it easy for you to become friend with a fellow VIP ?
    - any other particularity about the VIPs in your country ?
   - which member seems to be more popular in your country ?

3. Share something ! (optional )
    - if you or your friends have done some cover , fan art , if you have organized a meeting or event , if you have visited BB concert …. If you have something that represents you as a group of fans – please share it !

Send the information to asia_ent@hotmail.com ( subject : VIPproject) 

If there is any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me  !

Deadline is  1st of March  2013 !

PS When the magazine is done , we could all tweet it to Taeyang or G-Dragon to show them how cool fans they have ! ^^ 

PPS If there are enough photos or videos or other media materials sent by you I can also make a short video about all your VIP people ! 

( see BIGBANG issues here  ) 


  1. :O I would love to I only know almost nothing about the VIPS in the Netherlands with the exception of my friends. I've seen once there are actually a lot but the chance I actually find them somewhere around me is small. But maybe I can tell about how it here is at least at the place I am living.

    1. Could a do an collaboration with a friend in Germany I think I could do something like that compare the two countries in the way we are with K-pop.

    2. yes , that would be great ! :)