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G-Dragon CRAYON (크레용) song and video review

Crazy on or “Crayon” has been my theme song for the last few days ! Now that also the video is out I am totally in love with it . Kind of a childish , unreasonable love , haha . :) 

Warning : Don't take this review very seriously ;) 

About the song - The first time I heard it , it was like a big mess in my head … Actually I misheard GD talking something about money and I was like  “ not again about your money , please … “ . Also “why so serious “ sounded a little off in his mouth  when I heard it first … but a little further in the song , I really didn’t care what he sings about … the beat that was messing with my brain ...and  it got me !  I started to like it so damn much ! Half way through the song  I  found myself singing “come on , girl , come on boy …. “ And towards the end of the song ,when the “choir “ started , I was like – I love this ! I love this ! Really . I am addicted !!!( btw , this "choir" reminds me of a football match cheering but it is so so cool ! makes the song so much more epic !) 
 Crayon is my official addition ! It is the Fantastic Baby of this album . It makes me want to behaive as a total fangirl and just say “ GD , I love this song  ! Thank you ! I love you ! “  . Music makes me emotion , as you see ...

Crayon is a great party song . The lyrics are not so important in their meaning but in the way they sound . And they sound cool and catchy enough  so it is all in its place . The making of a new word makes it all more juicy ! Like a code ! It is all about letting go and having fun and the song is real fun in itself . Why so serious !? Just let go !  ( I am now used to GD’s “why so serious “ and I like it so much . ) The song makes you want to get up and dance around . I really would like to go to some big fancy night club where they can play this song for me with lights and everything and I can dance around ! hahah … 

So… as I said 100 times already I have became a big fan of this song . Now about the video . 
The video is sugar and candy and pure happiness again ! You see , soon enough I will start speaking about rainbows and unicorns – that is cause I am so “drugged” by this song , hahah .
I was looking forward for this video and I wanted it to be something filmed “out of the studio” this time … but it is entertaining that I have no complains . It is the same as the song – just pure fun ! It keeps the same concept as well – to be crazy ,  funny and not serious  . It is not something breathtaking, but is rather something that makes you laugh and smile and it really full of little elements ( as the other GD’s videos ) . Actually to some  extend I think the song is a little bit more epic than the video , but since the video is so cool , I don’t care so much . 
The whole video is a “dream” that GD is having , so being totally strange is very much ok for it .
I am not going to analyze things but rather point out moments I enjoyed about it . ( ok , just few of them .. otherwise this post will be endless ) !  

Lets start from the beginning ( a lot of pictures may follow … )

 Wonder Girl , pink color , cool blanket and sleeping GD . This is how it all starts . GD , dear , do you like Wonder Woman or are you Wonder Woman … or did you steal Wonder Woman’s clothes ? : ) Anyway ... 

So he is dreaming , and it starts with the “diagnosis” that the doctor gives him – the diagnosis that he is crazy without a  doubt . Just look at doctor GD's face ! That file must be really disturbing ! ;) 

 I love the fact GD plays all the characters again ! He might have said that he is not interested in acting , but he is such an “actor” – very artistic and  just so adorable . GD is really adorable in this video and there are these moments when he really looks like a teenager ! Honestly is he getting older or younger ;) ?! 

 GD as the doctor – epic , GD as the crazy patient – epic ! I am laughing just thinking about it . You should know that as a fan of GD  ( I guess you are fans too if you are reading this ) for me all he does is funnier than it might look to some people who see him for the first time . Is like seeing some of your friends in a funny videos – it is much better than seeing some stranger . So I guess , since I am kind of familiar of GD ( as much as a fan can be ) it is all so funny to me . And all this pink ! Makes it all much more ridi-larious ( just made that up from ridiculous and hilarious ) .

Now lets mention some details ! ( I love the details !)

 First -I have always liked this shoes !  They are quite nice ! I would like to  paint my own shoes in a similar manner !

Then the Batman earring . I so want this earring ! I am so going to find and buy one ! ( I like the Batman movies , just to tell you …ok , at least most of them  )

lets not  miss to say – the “bones” earrings ! Totally the right jewelry for a doctor ! I wonder if they are a memory from an old patient...
And then we kind of "enter " the brain of GD  from his ear ( it is all about the hearing , the music ,  again ) and we find him ... telegraphic ? 

Now this is one of my favorite thing in the video – GDis in some sort of  war clothes , in front of this " ancient "  transmitter of some sort , but he is acting more like a  DJ , as even sending a telegraph is music making   – love it , love it . His message to the world - always the music ! ;) 

Then he is going to get his swag “things “ – obviously some colorful weird items . I wish I  had the chance to  check them out better . They need to put those things ( or copies of them )  in a YG museum , really !

But what most of the VIPs were more “interested” to see was the next scene where GD did finally show what all those hours in the gym were all about . Here come shirtless GD ! 

when fangirls scream moment 

Only Tattoo are there to cover him up . GD is still not the macho man with tones of muscles but he looks good enough and he is nice view even without shirts , t-shirts or similar . GD has still kind of “feminine “ or simple “natural “ side to himself but this is what suits him best . He can be as sexy as he wants without the need of six pack or anything  . It’s the swag , baby .  ( and those arms ) 

Btw , only now , I finally started to like “Forever Young “ tattoo , that was the only one I didn’t quite like . I think it is meant to be shown and seen  in that way – without any clothes to spoil the effect ;) .  
In any case ,  the following scene was quite funny – GD is acting all like a man  , shaving and stuff , with his big shaving machine … only that he really has nothing to shave … Well , the act is important ! lol

( he is like talking to the shaving machine here , haha ) 

What about that new tattoos I notice ? Are they  real ? I haven’t made my investigation on this case yet but I guess there are again few fake ones ( probably he wants to do them anyway) .

Now after this he is back in his room with what appear to be TOP’s toys . Did you steel that too , GD ? Or do you have toys of your own … anyway :)  ( btw , they are boy and a girl ) 
It seems to me that the scenes outside of the room , are like parts of “movies” or stories that are happening on the TV . Most of those stories seem to be some sort of fairytale or similar . 
Such as the little innocent drummer boy , who is actually a mischief kid , or better said ,  the Pinocchio himself  . I will not comment more about this cause I might mentioned unnecessary suggestions . 

( is just funny how the moment GD and TOP are left without the others of BIGBANG , some hot girl dancers appear … I guess they are there to fill up the emptiness of the other members missing …  or they don’t invite them to BIGBANG’s videos cause they will just end up all around Seungri dressed us cat women – this is a silly joke , don’t take it otherwise . There have been hot girls in BIGBANG videos , so this is nothing new ) .

Now the videos get more and more confusing with all the different scene GD and his friends are watching on the TV , so I will just post few photos and commend on them to be easier to go on with this .

here comes one of the best scenes ... the sexy lady  that is not lady at all but ... 
it turned out to be GD himself ! Yes , he would have made a fine girl !
( that leaves also one question open - is this really his body from before ! Hei , sexy lady !

the little boy playing around ! Cuteness overdose !
Also forget about Ferrari or Lamborghini  - this is the real dream car ! Open air conditioner , easy to park anywhere and very economical ! I am sure it comes out also in pink , even though I would buy the yellow one !
The color pastels/pencils are also nice touch . They appear also later in the video . It seems as if it is up to us and our imagination to paint things around us and make them colorful and enjoyable !
Go , GD , Go !  

here GD appears with his friends , Craying on in the room ! The madness has started ! 

then back to the little boy who is like a clumsy duck in a Swan Lake . But if you remember well , the fairytale about the ugly duckling , he is to become a swan as well ... one day . For the moment he is just trying to catch some nice swan princess ..or just trying to balance his walking .  

Meanwhile the party in GD's apartment is getting wilder ! I am suggesting you to watch the MV ones trying to not pay attention to GD but to his friends in the video ... they are usually doing some totally random stuff ( such as going out from a chest ) so you might laugh a lot ... or find some like the next picture ... .
please notice who has just went out of the bathroom without putting his pants on ...

here we come to the inevitable moment when GD's is going to show us his black credit card . I knew a girl ones who told me that if you meet a guy who has a black credit card you should definitely marry him .. ( because this card has no limit of how much you can spent from it ) . She was not very close friend of mine and her standards were rather "limited" for people who dreams about  unlimited shopping  experience , but I am sure she would have proposed to GD in this very moment .  Anyway ... so GD has unlimited power of doing what he wants ! Go , GD ! Spent it all ! :)
Please , notice the faces of his friends ! I love these guys , really ! Sure , I would love to hang out in this company of crazy people ! ;) 

now , here is getting creepy and scary .... well , not really . It reminded me of Taeyang's video ( I'll be there) . Anyone else though the same ? The super strong man rising from the grave/ground .

( later the "fight" scene .... epic epic ! hahahah ) 

meanwhile Pinocchio is somehow sulky because the fruit didn't drop in his month ...  Poor kid !Rather lazy one as well . ( GD you gonna kill me with all those faces you make ! lol moment !  ) 

this glass - reflections and lights madness , reminds me of the times of "Hearthbreaker " . I feel nostalgic ...

another lol moment here ! So the scary "monster" coming from before had become an instructor of aerobics !
What was the word I invented before ? Ridi-larious !
I think after Gangnam Style and after this , I almost expect to  find everyone dressed like this when I go back to the gym next month !
Why so serious ? 

Now more surprises are popping out ! Those guys , really ..... Invite me next time , please ! 

this photo is here just because  ... 

If you somehow missed him . Here he is ! ho ho ho ! The Joker himself ! The main theme of it all ! Nice smile , dear .

one of my favorite moments in the video - represent the true feeling of the song - spinning around !!!!!!

at this point , the girls are here , the party is on its peak and you have probably abandoned your chair and you are dancing around the room! Aren't you ?! Then play "Crayon " and go jump around the room !

Here I almost expected something greater to happen but it ok . Maybe otherwise it would have been exaggerated . 

he looks happy with himself . Yes , GD , dear , you did it again . You made your fans happy !
Cheers ! 

Sorry if this "review" is too random  but I am writing it very in a hurry . I am back to my university life and there are many things that need to be done . Thanks to GD the transition from vacation to university has been less painful for me ! 

PS Giyongchy = Givenchy reference - totally cool ! hahah ! So he is GiYounchy brand ! ;)  

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