Here is a list of BIGBANG appearance in various TV programs or variety shows this year .
I will keep updating the list . If some of the links is no longer working , let me know .

PS This List is getting too long so I am now starting to add the new ones on other list here ( link )

Enjoy !

Korean Shows 

( the first appearance of all 5 members of BIGBANG in a show after last year's events . The first part of the show is quite emotion as Daesung and G-Dragon talk about what they had to go through in 2011 . In the second part of the show all members of BIGBANG appear and the mood changes completely ! )

Running Man   ( 01 , 02 , 03 , 04 , 05 , 06 , 07 , 08 , 09 )

( very fun to watch show ! less talking and more action ! there are a lot of hilarious moments to see , as the team of BigBang goes against the team of Running man ! )

YOU and I  ( talk cut - 01 , 02  ) ( live performances )

( BIGBANG meet Lee Hyori once more ! it is very entertaining to watch + some very good live performances )

STRONG HEART ( YG Special ) - links here 

( here you get to see not only BIGBANG but the whole YG family together ! A lot of fun stories to hear and a lot of new dance moves to enjoy ;) )

GO SHOW !  ( 01 , 02 , 03 , 04 )

( again a lot of fun , especially memorable are the unique dance moves that BIGBANG members demonstrate in this one ! So , people , it's SHOWTIME !  )

Big Bang's Interview on HanBam ( link

( short interview with the members . you can get to hear them greeting fans in a few languages ;) )

Big Bang on JTBC's Entertainment Scoop  - link 

Japanese Shows 

( NOTE ! -  if you are new to BigBang maybe you are not so familiar with this so I will tell you - Seungri is usually the one talking the most in the Japanese shows as you will notice , but he is also trying to balance and give each member some opportunity to express an opinion or get some attention . Taeyang and Daesung both also speak Japanese , but GD and TOP are not so fluent , so they have  interpretor with them or some of the other members ( usually Seungri ) translates for them . This is why they sometimes are less active in this shows ) . 

Most of this shows are not very long ( betweet 5 and 20 min )

Big Bang on Mezamashi TV ( link
( BigBang got to wake very early to participate in this show ;) . Taeyang was very energetic though . He coudn't stop his dancing moves even during  talking part . ;) BigBang were asked again about their hairstyles and were introduced to two very cute kids who performed part of Fantastic Baby's dance )

Big Bang on Fuji TV Non Stop ( links
( another live performance + BB showed items that they always carry with them )

Big Bang on Asahi TV's Music Ru  ( link )

Sakigake's YG Tour with Big Bang ( link

( The hosts of the show go to Korea to visit BIGBANG  and take a tour in YG Building  )

Big Bang's Interview Cut from NTV Music Lovers ( link

Big Bang on Space Shower TV ( link

Big Bang on NTV's PON! ( the video got deleted - I will add link once I find it

Big Bang on Shabekuri 007  ( link

Big Bang on "Onegai Rankings ( link

Big Bang on MTV Lab ( link

Big Bang on CATHERINE ( not yet translated  - link

( probably the best part of this show is when BB get into a japanese ghost house ( poor Daesung got really scared ;) )

BIGBANG on Asahi TV's Push Sma   - link 

BIGBANG on  HEY! HEY! HEY! - link 

Big Bang on "It's Takatoshi Time!"  - Link 

BigBang on NTV Music Lovers ( talk cut ) - link 

Big Bang on SSTVs Korean Hits Ranking  - link 

Big Bang on Music On TV's "Select Voice" - link 

Big Bang's VIP Japan Fan Meeting on Mezamashi  - video has been removed ! searching for new one 

Big Bang on NTV's "Pon" - video has been removed ! searching for new one

Big Bang on Fuji TV's Akan Keisatsu - link 

Big Bang on Star Draft Council video has been removed ! searching for new one

Big Bang on NTV Japan's "Zip" - link 

Big Bang on Fuji TV's "Hanetobi"  video has been removed ! searching for new one 

Daesung & Seungri on FM Yokohama - link

Big Bang on "Sekai Maru Mie DX" show  - link 

Big Bang on Asahi TV's Push Suma  - video has been removed 

Big Bang on Fuji TV's "Music On Saturday" - link 

Big Bang on Music On's Select Voice - link 

Big Bang on Space Shower Area - link

Seungri on CTV's 'Catch' ( no subs yet ) - part 1 , part 2 

Seungri on "Sakigake"  - link 

Seungri on KBC's 'Duomo - video has been removed ! currently searching for new one 

Seungri on Sendai TV's "Ara Ara Kashiko" ( no subs yet ) - part 1 , part 2, part 3   

Seungri on 'Hapikuru ( no subs yet ) - link 

Seungri on Fuji TV's "Sakigake Eight" ( subbed ) - link 


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