Tuesday, May 15, 2012

About next 2 months

Hello !!!

I want to explain you more or less of how I am planning to manage this blog in the next two months.

I will be very busy in June, therefore the next issue of the magazine will probably come out at the end of July. In August, though, there will be two extra issues that I will write you about soon!

During the next two months , before the July Magazine is out , I will keep updating the blog with some short articles on different subjects related to BIGBANG , so keep following !

I will mostly write you about BIGBANG of course , but I will also give you some information about the people BIGBANG work with , the things they like , their interest and hobbies and so on .

Moreover , I will share with you a lot of fan-made art and covers as well !

If there is something that interests you or you want to know more about , write to me on asia_ent@hotmail.com and I will make a post about it .

I hope this blog will be a interesting place for you ! Please comment about all the things you like or dislike here !

Don’t forget to share it if you like it !


  1. Can i send u some my artworks about Bigbang?

    1. yes , please do so ! send it to asia_ent@hotmail.com
      thanks ! ^^