Monday, September 9, 2013

G-Dragon Coup d'etat

Hello !

I am sorry that I haven't written here for like an eternity but I am just busy with too many things . I might be able to be more active in October , so don't give up on me just yet ;)

I decided , nevertheless , to find some 5 minutes to write about G-Dragons's new album . I was anticipating the release of Coup d'etat with much interest . The first two singles seems to follow the same formula as One of a Kind release - one of them is more "artistic , mysterious and personal " and the other is more fun ( even thought GD is sad in it , the song is entertaining as melody  ) .

I like GD exactly because of his ability to show variety and to pull off pretty well different "personalities " in his songs . Not to mention his music always sounds specific in some way .
His endless enegry to create is really inspiring . I am yet to fully appreciate his new album .
But lets me say few words about the videos : 

Coup d'etat - I love its dark mood and visuals . There isn't a boring moment in the video and I really had to watch it few times just to enjoy its artistic elements. It's just beautiful :) .

Crooked - You can't imagine how much I like this video ! It is because I have been to all these places where the video was filmed and I had a very nice time pointing at the pc screen and commenting " I have been here ! Oh , I remember this place ! " . Of course G-Dragon looks great in the video , I only feel to sad for him . The urban atmosphere is cool , too and the fact I have been there makes it somehow more enjoyable for me .

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