Sunday, January 5, 2014


If you , by any chance , are wondering why I haven't posted anything new these days - well , I am kind of busy with university . I will be busy two more months . After that I will try to find more time for the blog . Sorry about that . I wish I had more time for this , but ... here is something to wish you a Happy New Year !

Monday, September 9, 2013

G-Dragon Coup d'etat

Hello !

I am sorry that I haven't written here for like an eternity but I am just busy with too many things . I might be able to be more active in October , so don't give up on me just yet ;)

I decided , nevertheless , to find some 5 minutes to write about G-Dragons's new album . I was anticipating the release of Coup d'etat with much interest . The first two singles seems to follow the same formula as One of a Kind release - one of them is more "artistic , mysterious and personal " and the other is more fun ( even thought GD is sad in it , the song is entertaining as melody  ) .

I like GD exactly because of his ability to show variety and to pull off pretty well different "personalities " in his songs . Not to mention his music always sounds specific in some way .
His endless enegry to create is really inspiring . I am yet to fully appreciate his new album .
But lets me say few words about the videos : 

Coup d'etat - I love its dark mood and visuals . There isn't a boring moment in the video and I really had to watch it few times just to enjoy its artistic elements. It's just beautiful :) .

Crooked - You can't imagine how much I like this video ! It is because I have been to all these places where the video was filmed and I had a very nice time pointing at the pc screen and commenting " I have been here ! Oh , I remember this place ! " . Of course G-Dragon looks great in the video , I only feel to sad for him . The urban atmosphere is cool , too and the fact I have been there makes it somehow more enjoyable for me .

Thursday, January 10, 2013

BIGBANG VIP Magazine 2012 special issue

Hello !!!

Here is the special issue for 2012 of BIGBANG VIP Magazine ! Initially I my intention was to  include much more information but then I realised that if  I am to list all that happened in 2012 or even just list all the hair changes of GD , I must publish a book and not a magazine . Therefore I made this issue very short but still I tried to highlight the most important things that happened around BIGBANG in 2012 .

I hope you enjoy it !

Saturday, December 22, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Tour London - about the VIPs and BIGBANG ( video )

For a long time , I had the idea for making a video dedicated to those BIGBANG fans ( VIPs ) who will come to the London concert .

This video was made both from the point of view of someone who is a fan of BIGBANG and also someone who is very interested in the way their music had cross over boundaries and reach out to so many different people.

I  was going to the concert on the 15th but I couldn’t bring my camera that day because I was afraid they won’t let me take it inside .
Therefore I went on the 14th and a friend of mine came with me to help . We arrived late , though . We were not sure where the place is and it was so cold but that didn’t stop us.

The only problem was that it was already too dark when we arrived. We were in a hurry and the security guys were not happy with us being there so we had to improvise and do all very quickly . My camera seemed to link to focus everything else but the faces of the people who we interviewed .  As a result , the video is not as I wanted it to be – the sound is bad and the picture is dark or unclear but I decided to edit it and post it because I really want to share the enthusiasm of those fans we met , with the world . ( and possibly with BIGBAN – please tweet it to them ! )

I was very curious to meet other BIGBANG fans! Of course most of the VIPs there were girls but more than a few fan boys could be spotted as well.

VIPs from Spain 
One can think that it was those Asians who had moved to Europe (or any other non-Asian country )  that brought kpop with them but this is not the whole story. Many people, me included , didn’t have any Asian friends at the time they discovered BIGBANG .
The internet made it much easier for all of us to search and find more that it was offered to us by the local entertainment media.
Not all people use the internet to discover things . Most of them just use it to share picture with friends or read about things that influence directly their lives. VIPs , however ,  are of those kind of people who like to discover ! They are curious people who won’t turn their back to something just because it appear different or strange but they would rather like it for that same reason. VIPs are more adventures and modern than they know it . As are all people who venture into discovering more than it is shown to them .

You may think it is strange for people to listen to music that is in Korean and therefore hard to understand. Well, English songs are not always easy to understand for Italian , French , Spanish , German , Indonesian , Chinese and other non-English speaking people . Even though more people have studied it , English is a foreign language the same way Korean is.
Many fans still don’t understand Korean but they read translation of the songs and try to learn some words and phrases. It doesn’t spoil the effect of the music and maybe even enhance it .

Although recently some journalists have compared BIGBANG to western pop bands such as One Direction ,  I think this kind of comparison is inaccurate . There is something special and alternative in most of BIGBANG fans , that you cannot always find in the people who are listening to the main-stream pop music in Europe or USA . In the same way, there is some very distinctive features about BIGBANG’s style , both in their fashion and music .
Although BIGBANG’s music is strongly influenced by the Western one, it has its own  interpretation of it. BIGBANG are very good entertainments, multi-talented people and I assume they have much more to show us in future .

I hope they come back to Europe again so that I can make another video about them , much better quality this time.

I would like to show that VIPs are not some obsessed screaming fangirls – they are very enthusiastic and passionate people , who love music and who are more open-minded and friendly than most of the people you have ever met .

If you are interested to read my full ( rather fan based ) review of BIGBANG’s concert –click here– 

Thank you for reading !

PS I feel very apologetic towards Seungri because we didn’t get the chance to interview some of his fans -  I only met them later when I didn’t have my camera ! I agree with those who say they don’t have a favourite member. In the end of the day we all love BIGBANG and we all love every BIGBANG member equally because they are all special in their own way.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Announcement !

I am posting this to give more clarifications about the blog future development.

I started a lot of online projects because I wanted to improve my graphic knowledge in many different areas. This led me to have too many project to deal with and I had to sacrifice some of them in favor of others.
My initial ideas of making a blog dedicated to one ( of the many ! ) interests that I have - Asian pop culture , were soon joined and overrun by other new ideas  that my restless brain kept inventing. Therefore I decided to single out those ideas in order to be easier to manage them and I started splitting the blog into other blogs.
One of those "spin-off" blogs is  BIGBANG VIP Magazine .

I decided to start a magazine basically because I wanted to learn InDesign ( but I keep using Photoshop for making it for the moment ) . BIGBANG are my favorite Korean group not only in terms of music but they are most fun for me to follow. I know them since 2010 but I felt “involved” in the fandom in 2011 because of the accident of Daesung . Before that I would very rarely get to comment or say anything instead I was just a “viewer”. In 2011  I felt very bad about all that situation so I  started some project for supporting Daesung and I got to know the fandom ( the VIPs) better.

 I like making VIP magazine especially because it is not only dedicated to BIGBANG but most of all to the VIP fandom. It is all about being a fan of something and for that reason I always like to share fan made things such as fanart or fan project.

But I feel like in my attempts to make the magazine “look nice “  I have not put enough care in what I am writing . I want to explore more about the ways musicians, in this case BIGBANG, are influencing their fans and I want the magazine to be more interesting in future . I will prefer to write less but more relevant things.  I will keep improving it in any case!

I will also keep posting reviews for songs or videos of BIGBANG – it is always my upmost pleasure to share my excitement with fellow music addicts!
I will no longer put a specific date on when I am going to publish a new magazine but it will be more or less every 2 months . In between the issues I will keep posting some articles or reviews.

Be patience with me! I do the things I have planned to do but it just sometimes takes me more time than expected.

Thanks for understanding!

I will be extremely happy if you give me some encouragement by posting comments and sharing info for the blogs with other people! That really motivates me to do more things!

Special thanks for all people who have been appreciative of my work!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Things all V.I.Ps can relate to (about BIGBANG)

I found this post on tumblr. today . It has been around for some time but I only saw it now . I though of asking you do you agree with this list ? Is there something you could add to it ?

" Things all V.I.Ps can relate to (about BIGBANG)...

    1. Chic + humor + dgaf = V.I.P

    2. You guys have given us endurance and taught us how to be patient. But don't take TOO long to make a comeback, okay?

    3. The sad truth that when your mom or dad says something to you, it doesn't even come through your ears. But when a Big Bang song comes on, it's as if it has penetrated through your eardrums.

    4. Oh, you like Big Bang? Let's be friends.

    5. Why is Big Bang trending and why are they being searched right now? I don't feel good about this... did they do something wrong again?

    6. UFO Town? Me2Day? What is that? Is it something you eat? Sorry, we wouldn't know. None of our biases, except Taeyang, update their SNS accounts. Twitter ftw.

    7. We're chic. When you and your back-dancers, stylists, and make-up artists seem to have a "thing" going on, we stfu and hope it goes well.

    8. When we see other fandoms spazzing about how their biases and artists gave them fan-service, we VIPs just sit here in silence.. wishing you guys gave just as much fan-service as they do. Sobs.

    9. Did you know? When Big Bang makes a comeback, that's when we're the happiest.

    10. Jiyong, your raps are very sexy and amazing... but they're just as difficult for us to sing along to.

    11. We drool when we see Youngbae's abs.... but when we see TOP, we realize that the world is unfair.

    12. Our visual leader, Madam Kang, is getting better looking every day! ^0^

    13. Seungri's Egg hair (Alive album hair) is nice. Actually, all his hairstyles are nice..... but PLEASE bring your bangs back.

    14. TOP, we are expecting you to finally expose your body this year. In 2012.

    15. Oh, look. They're talking about Korean fashion. I bet G-Dragon is going to be mentioned.

    16. When a member gets into a scandal, we don't curse at the girl. We curse at him, "Don't get dumped this time!" "Make sure to wear your shoe lifts out to your dates! You don't want to look shorter than her."

    17. Whether it's a textbook, a notebook, or a school desk... there's a million scribbles and drawings about Big Bang everywhere.

    18. You learn many different and interesting words after listening to Big Bang's songs.

    19. Sometimes... just sometimes, you get embarrassed of Big Bang. LOL.


    21. "I love you, Papa YG."

    22. When another artist or person disses Big Bang, "Oh, poor baby. Did you want attention that badly? Come here, I'll give you the love your mom never gave you."

    23. We have way too much pride. Like WAY too much. But DGAF.

    24. We learned to not look for "height" in men. Our "height" standards are not very tall.

    25. We aren't satisfied when people say, "Big Bang will always be five members." But we do get satisfied when people say, "Big Bang is forever one family."  "
Source: Naver Big Bang fancafe
    Translations: // @big_seunghyun