Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Announcement !

I am posting this to give more clarifications about the blog future development.

I started a lot of online projects because I wanted to improve my graphic knowledge in many different areas. This led me to have too many project to deal with and I had to sacrifice some of them in favor of others.
My initial ideas of making a blog dedicated to one ( of the many ! ) interests that I have - Asian pop culture , were soon joined and overrun by other new ideas  that my restless brain kept inventing. Therefore I decided to single out those ideas in order to be easier to manage them and I started splitting the blog into other blogs.
One of those "spin-off" blogs is  BIGBANG VIP Magazine .

I decided to start a magazine basically because I wanted to learn InDesign ( but I keep using Photoshop for making it for the moment ) . BIGBANG are my favorite Korean group not only in terms of music but they are most fun for me to follow. I know them since 2010 but I felt “involved” in the fandom in 2011 because of the accident of Daesung . Before that I would very rarely get to comment or say anything instead I was just a “viewer”. In 2011  I felt very bad about all that situation so I  started some project for supporting Daesung and I got to know the fandom ( the VIPs) better.

 I like making VIP magazine especially because it is not only dedicated to BIGBANG but most of all to the VIP fandom. It is all about being a fan of something and for that reason I always like to share fan made things such as fanart or fan project.

But I feel like in my attempts to make the magazine “look nice “  I have not put enough care in what I am writing . I want to explore more about the ways musicians, in this case BIGBANG, are influencing their fans and I want the magazine to be more interesting in future . I will prefer to write less but more relevant things.  I will keep improving it in any case!

I will also keep posting reviews for songs or videos of BIGBANG – it is always my upmost pleasure to share my excitement with fellow music addicts!
I will no longer put a specific date on when I am going to publish a new magazine but it will be more or less every 2 months . In between the issues I will keep posting some articles or reviews.

Be patience with me! I do the things I have planned to do but it just sometimes takes me more time than expected.

Thanks for understanding!

I will be extremely happy if you give me some encouragement by posting comments and sharing info for the blogs with other people! That really motivates me to do more things!

Special thanks for all people who have been appreciative of my work!


  1. hello! shinyee here! (ur FB friend :D )
    proud to be the first to comment..hehe
    although i am in the midst of having war ( my major exam ) decided to drop by to release stress for a while..since i only managed to browse through ur GD issue magazine.
    well, not to talk too much.. all in all.. I hope you would continue to do and work what you are doing now! I will support you 100%!!
    i am sure every VIPs are thankful to what you are doing now. wish u the best in doing out what you have planned. and I wish you the very best! :D