Sunday, June 3, 2012

BIGBANG MONSTER - video and song review

I decided to write a (relevantly) short review of BIGBANG MONSTER, since I am very exited about its release! ( it is my personal first oppionion , nothing more ) 

seeing through the monster's eyes
First let me say few words about the song – it has a special mood and keeps going up and down , so you don’t know what to expect from it … therefore I Love it ! It has a great strong mood in it . Actually many moods . I especially like the piano parts that bring a certain sentimental touch to the overall!

 TOP’s voice at the beginning gives immediately the specific mood and you are captured into the emotional journey that the song is. The power of that emotion is fully released in the chorus, to later calm down again – it really gives me the feeling to be in the head of a emotionally unstable character whose sadness and anger and even despair contrast with each other and are in a constant struggle.

Everyone sounds amazing in the song. All BIGBANG members have their own space in the song and the blending of their different voices makes the songs so rich and the story that it tells , so involving . Even thought the song  has so many different shades and nuances, all fits together quite well , very fluently , so that you want to listen more and more . I definitely like this song a lot!

I will now collect my thoughts and impression and try to talk about the video. One thing is for sure – BIGBANG always manage to deliver us more than we can expect! 

GD and his mushroom hair
 ( one of the many hairstyles he
changed during the video ) 
The setting is quite simple and honestly speaking, MONSTER music video is not so powerful, colorful or rich as FANTASTIC BABY was. It is simple but also subtle, it is strange and at certain moments stunningly beautiful. Perhaps because I saw the video and heard the song at the same time but for me they blend perfectly.

As the video starts we find ourselves in a location that seems to be taken from some video game, unidentified place .
 We are the character himself, we have been chased, bullets fly around us – we are scared and we want to escape. Perhaps we also got wounded by those bullets.
It is almost as watching a real movie and not a music video. I so wish this all could be a movie ! A 3D movie !
I think when I heard the “monster’s” breath and the video started, my own breath had stopped for a second. Here how it was -  the song starts with those first few seconds when the piano plays and I see the scenes I already know by heart from the teasers and then probably my pulse stopped for 3 seconds … I really didn’t notice my conditions anymore . I didn’t notice anything from the real world anymore, cause I was so involved into the song. And then distractions came out.

TOP looking like a comics hero 
The first thing that kicked me out of my dreamy mood set by the piano was seeing TOP’s hat. I was like “what is this!!! “ , “who is he trying to be” ? Maybe I am simply a superficial person, forgive me, but the first time I saw the video I had a lot of those moments – after all , the video was full of weird hairstyles and crazy fashion items. I didn’t have any problem with the clothes but there are things that made me blink multiple times or stare or simple laugh a lot. I enjoyed all those things , no matter what kind of different reaction they provoked in me. It is what makes the video all but boring .  

GD the devilboy
I got over TOP’s hat very quikly and even started thinking he actually looks alright in it . Then I tried to think of what kind of character he remains me of but I coundn't finish my thought cause few seconds later GD shows with a little devil horn on his head. He looked so sad but I couldn’t stop laughing, please forgive me! Just the contrast of this element that for me looks rather playful with his sad face was hilarious! Of course this is all part of his character and is really cool, so don’t think that I consider it bad, but I did consider it amusing when I first saw it ! He seemed to be this cute sad little devil with one horn that really needs a hug .  GD’s red hair and green eyes, though are so cool!Makes him look so not innocence at closer look .  Obviously he looks amazing no matter what he puts on , and this is what I call “GD-secret-power” . Not everyone can do this. 

Now that the music got faster I was very into the song again and I was trying to read what the signs on their bodies mean … well I didn’t pause anywhere to read better cause I might get stuck on some of those images for too long … so I tried to just keep going with the song .
I saw on the internet that some people actually calculated those formulas and all of them give the final number 5 = as the 5 members of BIGBANG.

Taeyang must have used some very big hair rollers
for this hairstyle ^^
Then comes Taeyang with his “Mickey Mouse “ hair and I was shocked again . At that point I was thinking that Lady Gaga was finally overpast by number of weird hairstyles in a single video. Don’t get me wrong – they all looked as some comics characters so to be kind of weird is part of the concept . Just at first I liked them more in the moments when they looked more like monsters ( dark and creepy ) and with less “Mickey Mouse” ( cartoon/ comics elements )  . Still , it is the “Mickey Mouse” touch to their style that made it so particular and I like it so much now , after I've watched the video a few more times. I hope you get what I mean. Anyway, lets move on ^^.

Seungri killing monster stare
The most noticeable thing that the monster concept is doing to BIGBANG is that they look very sexy in the video – something about the bad boy idea , but on another level .
Daesung and Teayang especially. The only thing I don’t like about Daesung in this video is this metal things they attached to his nose … I just want to get this things away from him every time  I see the video . Sorry ,  it’s just me . Some people really like this accessory so it is a question of opinion , of course . 
One thing should be acknowledge for sure - all clothes and especially accessories are used in a very clever way . Like with Teayang , that almost looks like a bull with just his hairstyle and this necklace and earrings - very animal look achieved with the use of  just few elements . 

So now that  I got to overcome all my shocks , I kept watching the video with great pleasure . Here comes the running, breaking of things, hiding , explosions , more running ( they are so good in that )  and so on .

Daesung can give you all kind of nightmares ...
or beautiful dream 
It was beyond cool when they were transforming into something else – the paintings on their bodies or their shining eyes …all those little effects made it all times and times better . Actually, they do look scary in some moments which is even cooler! ….ok , you might have noticed that I am loosing my concentration and I am starting to  use “cool “ and “great” too much ?  Let me take a glass of water and here I am again.

There are many moments that I like – when all gets dark around TOP and there are million eyes watching , everyone’s transformations ( as I mentioned ) , I love the “kajima kajima “ part a lot as well  , also when they are running at slow motion , their shining eyes …. I saw the video few times already and everytime I like it more and more , cause I get to notice a lot more things . 

MONSTER seems to be a simple video but actually it is full of details . The same goes for the song . This is why, you need to watch/hear it few times before you have a clear idea of many things . More you watch/hear it , more you like it ! 

I thick I am sick , I think I am sick “ …. This is one of my most favorite parts of the song , the only thing I don’t like about it is that is the ending theme . G-Dragon finally escaping into the nothingness … I love this scene! I think it is so beautiful – all the white things flying in the air , his hair twisting in the wind , the distant city that seems unreachable … it is as a part of an anime . I love it – it gives me some special feeling – half sad , half unidentified . I got that feeling that  I don’t want it to be over ! I want to follow the Monster on his journey …. But it was over ….

All VIPs by the end of the video are probably singing very honestly “ I think I am sick “ , “ I got too much … “ . This is what BIGBANG are always causing to their fans – something like a drug overdose state and in many cases , fangirling hysteria .

Long story short – I love this video and the song!^^ . It is BIGBANG style to make something that is  provocative , unique and you can't just get enough of . Pure awesomeness!

I have a lot more things to say , but I think you had enough of me for now .
I won’t even start with suggestions about the different characters what BIGBANG looked like in the video . Maybe you have something to say about that ?

Please , leave me some comments , I would be happy !

Greetings and BOOMSHAKALA !

PS Please DO listen to Monster instrumental ! It sounds AMAZING


  1. i'm soo sooo ssooooo stupefied ... oh what is this .. it's not just amazingly fantastic , It has exceeded that


    me & my friend translating it into (Arabic).. when we finish i'll but the link to see it

    thank you thaannnnkkkkk yoouuu soooo mmuuucchh

    keep going this good work

    love ya

    1. thank you soooo much !!! yes , please send me the link to see it !
      thanks againd ^^ (hug)

  2. OHMYGOOOD i love your revieeww!! :3 so bright perception and i like it :)
    i actually read some MV reviews first before watching the MV the next day at school. and i regret it now.
    i got a review about 'illuminati' and it creeps me out!! :( and there was just bad thinking covering my head about the MV ;/ huhuu
    i was really scared of the mv because of that. and that didnt give me the feeling i always feel when i was into BIGBANG , and i missed the feeling
    now i find your review and i just like it, it gives me positive energy somehow :') hahaha
    and btw, i realllly really love your words about GD "He seemed to be this cute sad little devil with one horn that really needs a hug" OMOOOOO! i just can laugh, hugging my pillow hoping it was GD *.* this is it! this is my GD , i missed my GD so much ..
    thanks for the review anyway :D BOOMSHAKALAKA! lol

    1. Thank you ! ^^ I am very happy you liked the review and that it brought you positive feeling ! Don’t bother too much with this illuminati talking - it is all much exaggerated and often not true. There is nothing satanic about BIGBANG or their music. Symbols might be interpreted in many different ways according to everyone’s point of you or background. If BigBang’s music is bringing something good and positive in your life , never bother to listen to other’s people opinion about it .