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G-Dragon "One of a Kind " album review

 I am going to try to  write something like a review of GD’s new album “One of a kind “ ( when the my physical album arrives I also added review of the song with Tablo at the end of the post .

I am in a very happy mood today and it is probably because I have been listening to GD almost all the time.

First of all -  I really like this album . It makes me happy :) . It is like eating a box of exclusive chocolates – there are only few of them in the box , but they are all very special and have unique taste . According to your own liking you might prefer one of the taste more than the others , such as milk chocolate over dark one , for example ; but as a whole – after you have consumed them all – the after taste is pure happiness ! There are must be some subconscious smile that came to your face after listening to this album .  This is why I compare it to chocolate  . Following this “metaphor “ , later I will describe you those songs as the tastes of chocolate they seem to be ( for me ) . 

I only have one problem with this album – is strongly insufficient ! How about more songs , GD ?!  I am a greedy person , I know .... anyway

As I mentioned before this album is a variety – as if GD just wants to try out different styles and music elements . This is one of the reasons this album is interesting . Of course it might have just turned out to be a total mess of unrelated song , but this is not the case . The songs complement each other and give you something to relate to in each of them ( well , not that many of us can fully relate to “one of a kind “ but it is a fun song and I am sure some of you might occasionally  feel like  “one of a kind” people ;)  ) 

I will be honest to you - I do not think GD is a genius or that he is the best composer out there and or that this is the best album ever . I have listen to too much music to say such a think . Not to mentioned that there is not such thing as "the best " as long as personal taste is involved . But I DO think that G-Dragon is unique  that he is very  talented and he is one of the best Korean musicians that I know of . I love the fact that he is always searching for new elements to add to his music and to his style . GD is not kpop . GD is GD . Period. "One of a kind " . 
His music , performances and style really stands out . There is just something so ... modern and contemporary about the things he does . He did not disappointed me with this album because I really enjoy it ! Thank you , GD ! Please keep to good work ! :)  I really wish to find a way to thank all the people who worked with GD on this album . He is so lucky to have people like Teddy to work with . Teddy has become a sinonim of good music in my head , haha . 
 I am so glad that GD is taking over the charts in Korea ! Fully deserves it !!! 

( Note : I really enjoyed his "countdown" videos . He seemed exited for his album's release , almost as a child  . I mean , after working so much on something so "personal" , as you own music , obviously you will be all worried about how it might go . When you are also famous and loved so much , the pressure should be greater . Just seeing GD in the studio with his friends , gave me some nice feeling ... it makes me think again and again that he is doing this ( music )  because he really likes it , not just because he likes to be famous and rich and would do anything that guarantees him this .  ) 

So about the songs :

 I have already spoke about “One of a kind” ( read here ) and   “ That XX “ ( read here ) so I am not going to repeat myself and I will simple move on to the other songs .

For Crayon I wrote the impressions of the song together with the impression of the video . ( read here

결국 (Feat. ? of YG New Girl Group ( they should just call them the “Mystery Girls hahah ) )

This is the song I paid less attention to in the beginning but later today I was listening to it in the bus and I felt as flouting in the air  ! ( sorry for my expression … this is how I describe music – very unprofessional but still … ) . After that I started liking the song much more . It gives me some kind of relaxing mood and really drifts me away in some other reality. The “?” girl has a nice voice and I like the tempo and the developing of the song .
Maybe now is the time to say , that I want to have all those songs’ instrumentals , because they sound so well that I want to hear every little bit of their music . 

I read the translation of the song and liked it even more and more . It is sad but not depressing … just a little sad , as the cold wind is cold but not freezing . The meaning of the words matches well  with the mood of the music.  To put a stop of my endless talking , lets say there is something dreamy about the song  . I didn’t liked so much at first but it grew on me a lot .

What kind of chocolate it is … well , imagine that it tastes as the candies you used to eat when you were little – it remains you of something that will never return to you – it is nostalgic taste , a taste of a dream . And if I try to be more specific it is more like …mint taste – refreshing . ( I love mint , btw ) .

( note – I know I might sometimes contradict my own words saying that something is “sad” but “refreshing “ … but music can evoke contradicting emotions , so why not ;) ) 

Missing You (Feat. 김윤아 of 자우림)

This song is so … lovely ! Really lovely ! Just this word keeps popping up in my mind when I think about “Missing You “ . In a way for me is in the same cathegory as  “결국 “  of relaxing song “ ( I call like that songs that I like to listen to when I travel or drawing … or songs that I can just  lay down and listen to , without doing anything else – just listen and enjoy  )
I think “Missing you” is a song we have no choice but to like. As you might remember GD called this song the most “people friendly “ and I agree with him .
You don’t have to even know who or about what  is singing to just enjoy this song . It is kind of simple but has very nice flow and melody . The whistling effect is also very good touch to it . It is the “mood maker “ of the song .

Taste … like cherries and strawberries ! A milk chocolate with strawberry flavor !

Today (Feat. 김종완 of Nell)

I was so interested to hear this song because I like Nell’s music and I was very curios about this collaboration. The result – one very particular song . I think they both kind of remained to be , well , themselves . 
The combination of GD and  김종완 voices and the change of mood make this song a little schizophrenic but … I like it  . GD’s songs are usually “evolving” from the start to the end and it often happens that they have some unexpected turn to them!

This song has such a happy vibes in the chorus and then there is this sudden drop to more “sad” tune … Ok , at this point I checked the lyrics and after that I think I get it better . The character of the song is tempted to cheat on this girlfriend as it appears to me …or at least to go out with some other girl ,  so he is like “shall I or shall I not  “… and then he suddenly is “OK , whatever ! I will follow my spontaneous wishes ! Lets go !!! Wow Wow !  “ Later  he is down again and feeling insecure … but after all he is “young and wild “ so he kind of chooses to  live for the moment or simple to enjoy all that he desires ! 
Seriously , the chorus are so up lifting . I was singing that part whole afternoon yesterday ! Ok … it is not good to be irresponsible ,  but after all sometimes we should just enjoy the moment ! And enjoy cool songs !  I must say I quite enjoy this one !  It is weird but it … remains me of my own moods that change from “ oh , I am thinking to much... and I'm good for nothing “ to “ Today I can lift up mountains ! “ .
Actually , in the end of the day , this song simple makes me wanna go out there and enjoy life ! 

The end of “Today”  has this “old times feeling” because of the choir singing and clapping along – it is cool , like invitation for everyone to just join the party .
In some odd way that song remains me of Daesung’s Wing because it has that very happy chorus but a little troubled lyrics ( and maybe because they sing about “today ! “ haahha ) . Not that the songs have anything more in common ( they are quite different ) .

About chocolates … this should just have the classic milk chocolate taste but with a hidden coffee bean in it . So you taste it and it is like “ oh , it is nice “ and then you get to the coffee and you are like “ wow ! yeah ! I have so many energy ! Let’s party ! “

I will give you some tastes also for the other songs

“One of a Kind “  - have you tasted these chocolates that have those “bubbles “ inside that “explode” when you taste it ? something like that… or some of the Harry Potter candies that you are not sure what is inside , cause they are so specific …In end you taste it and you are like ... "what is in this thing ?  … I love it ! “

“ That XX “ -  white chocolate . very delicate taste …but a little , little bitter

“Crayon “ – this is all MMS ! Just colorful and very sweet and full of coffee ! MMS coffee taste … is not making much sense but whatever ! I freaking love this song ! There is pure RebBull in there !

BTW , if you want , why don’t you try to give a color or a taste to the different songs from GD’s album . Write them in the comments ! It might be interesting ! 

PS Some people were "offended" about GD's album looking like the Bible . Please , people , this is just an artistic references . I hope you are not really offended . I don't want to enter the real of religion but I want to only suggest you , that no matter which one is your religion don't be too superficial about it . It is a spiritual thing above all else , right ? So don't be too "material" about it - the symbols of your religion are , without a doubt ,  important for you , but what religion really is about is not symbols but it is about a certain point of view on live , is about the virtues we need to keep and protect and about the kind of people we should try to be .At least this is how I see it .  An album cover that only tries to give interesting meaning to its contents , is not meant to offend you . Isn't music GD's personal "religion " , isn't his album kind of a  "sacred  " to his life ? Maybe this is the only reference there . 
I am not writing this to defend GD , I am writing it , because I want to suggest to you to be a little bit more open minded about the things you will encounter in your life and to be more "spiritual " in your believes . I really hope no one got  me wrong or is offended by anything I said . 

PPS Light it up ! ( feat. Tablo and Dok2 ) 

Just to say few words about this song . It's EPIC ! I love it ! The beat is awesome ! It cuts my brain in pieces , I really enjoy it !The beat , the beat - this is the best part !  I think I am about to listen to it too many times ...
It is a song with  strong and distinctive character . Definitely one of my favorites in this album .. but actually who can ever choose a favorite song from this album ! I mean all songs deserves attention ! GD , once again , thanks for this album . I am enjoying it a lot ! :) 

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