Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big Bang - The European Fanclub

Hello , everyone !

 I want to introduce you to this web page -

 It is relevantly new web page dedicated to BIGBANG and it aims to ( as the creators say ) “to interact with other fans and share our love for the 5 guys.”

 It is a page that is for European fans, but you don’t really need to be European to like it and followed it. After all we are all from one nation – VIPs! ;)

It is nicely organized and it offers you constant updates about BIGBANG , a gallery with many photos and much more .

 You might also be interested to participate in the two events they are organizing

 1. "A birthday message for G-Dragon" Project ( link) 

You can participate in the project by make a picture or a video and send it to
 They will put it all together in a video and send it to GD.

 2. "6 Year Debut" Project This is a very special project! ( link) 

They want to make a remake of Big Bang's Parody: Secret Big Bang, starring you; the VIPs. Check the details on their page ! I am sure this will be very fun project so don’t hesitate to participate!

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