Friday, June 8, 2012

TOP casted in a new movie “Alumnus” directed by Park ShinWoo

The news of the day is that we are going to finally see TOP taking part in a new movie project !
I don't know about you but I am hyper exited !!!

 TOP is going to play the role of MyungHoon , a North Korean killer spy , in the movie “Alumnus” .

The story will be about MyuonHoon entering South Korea under false identity as a high school student . He will then meet and develop a strange feelings with a female student from his class , that has the same name as his sister .  MyuonHoon , who has been raised to be a killer , will now have to deal with the inner struggle of identity that his new feelings will cause him .

Director of the movies is going to be Park ShinWoo ( White night ) . The movies will be a mix of melodrama and action .

Remember that killer look , TOP demonstrated  in IRIS ? Now lets add some hidden humanity to it + the fact he is going to pretend to be just a normal student - quite a challenging combination , but I am sure he can do it just fine!

The movie will be filmed for three months , starting in July . If you check BIGBANG's schedule for this time , you will see they have very few performances , so it is quite possible for TOP to combine both activities together . He won't get much rest , but I hope it all be worth it  in the end !

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