Saturday, August 18, 2012

BIGBANG 6th Anniversary , VIP Magazine special edition

Hello !

Since today ( at least in my time zone ) is BIGBANG's 6th anniversary I made this special edition of the magazine ( read it below )  . For those who are knew to BIGBANG , this is a chance to learn more about them and for those who have been VIPs for long time , this is an occasion to remember some of BIGBANG past moments .

MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE LAST PAGE OF THE MAGAZINE !  I have made a special surprise for you , so CHECK IT OUT!

As usually I want to ask you share and comment !

PS Tell me if there is any problem with the links in the magazine or in reading it !

PPS Excuse me for the misspelling of some words . I cannot change them now but I will try harder to avoid such mistakes in future .