Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seungri's show on Space Shower TV Japan

I mentioned Seungri's activities in Japan , in the second edition of the magazine ( LINK  ) but I just want to add some more info to it now .

First of all - the name of the show is finally decided ( as you probably know ) -  it's now called "スン ちゃん の 完全 勝利 宣言" (Seung-chan's Complete Victory Declaration).

To watch :

Episode 1 - link , LINK with Subs ! 
Episode 2 -  link 

I found these recaps of the show that will tell you more about what is going on , since there are no subs !
I really like the way they are written , I hope you enjoy them too !

[ SUMMARY ] Seung-chan’s Perfect Victory Declaration  ( for episode 1 )
[ SUMMARY ] VI from BIGBANG - Seung-chan’s Perfect Victory Declaration  ( for episode 2 )

I want to add some more notes to this post . I would like to know what do you think about all Seungri's activities in Japan ? I read some VIP's comment that was saying that he is over exposing himself and she was not happy about it and wanted to see more Taeyang or Daesung .
What do you think about it ?

 I just  felt  kind of  bad about this comment and I want to defend Seungri a little.
Daesung have already been in many shows , Taeyang is not really a "showman" he would prefer to concentrate on his music and to better his performances , so what is the problem for Seungri to try out new things ?
He is an active person and wants to built up his own image and place in the industry . So why not ! It is actually admirable that he has the guts to go and ask for his own show , to try something by himself  in a country that is not even his own , speaking a language that its not his own .

I have always respect  Seungri for the fact that he actually cared enough to sit down and learn Japanese. He still makes mistakes but he is learning fast and he is not afraid to speak . Trust me , since he is smart and know how important communication is , in one year time , if he sets his mind on it , he will speak English as good as Taeyang and maybe even better .

Some may say , that Seungri went to Japan just to play around , but all jokes aside - he is not really just "playing around " . What he does requires concentrations , a lot of efforts and energy .

He might sometimes act  a little "over the top" , but he is still learning how to behave , what is the right thing to say and not to say , how to react in certain situations and so on . He is already very skillful in talking and knows how to please many people ( or maybe annoy some others ;) )  What matter the most is - he wants to learn , he wants to be better - that is why he is doing all this .  I think he grew up a lot in the past few years . Please , give him some credits , the boy is trying hard . I think he has still a lot to show us !

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