Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Bang’ press conference for "YG x Hyundai Card Rebranding Project"

On the 5th of June BIGBANG hold a press conference to talk about their new projects with Hyundai Card.

One of the projects is called “Re-Monster” – it is a project that will give an opportunity to many musicians to reinterpret BIGBANG’s song “Monster” for a contest. All the best songs from the contest will be released in an album.

G-Dragon mentioned that they are hoping for a lot of indie bands ( and not only ) to participate . It seems to be quite an exiting project and a very interesting album might come out of it

Another thing was mentioned that might interest you – it was said again that there will be a G-Dragon solo album coming out in August! Who’s exited ? …. Ok , that is such a useless question .

I am sharing  some photos from the conference. How do you like GD’s orange hair? TOP seems a little sad without his blue hair . We will all miss it , but nothing could be permanent about BIGBANG’s hairstyle . Maybe only Teayang’s Mohawk ( that , btw ,  seems to be growing so fast ! )
Ok , enough hair talking !

Greetings and have a great boomshakala day/night  !

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